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Property Management

Home management by City Housing Amsterdam and our recommended professional home management company: Nothing to worry about any more!

Also for home management and active property management you are at the right address with City Housing Amsterdam. Because you can not be the best in everything we have a partnership with a professional home management company that is very experienced regarding financial, commercial and technical management of real estate.

Why do I want management for my home?
One of the main reasons the arrange home management for your house(s) is convenience. You enjoy the profit of your investment without having to worry about anything else. An other important reason to use professional home management is from tax point of view… When you own more than one property and you are not actively working for these properties important tax benefits can become yours when making use of a professional home management company. We advise you to contact our tax advisor about this. Also for persons who have to leave the Netherlands for working purposes, temporarily or long term we offer the possibility of taking on the home management.

You do not have to burden your relatives or friends with this task and you can be sure of the fact that your home will be professionally managed.

What does home management involve?

Financial management / administrational management

A professional home management company will take care of collecting and administrating the monthly rent and the settlement of maintenance costs that have been made. Once per quarter you will receive a clarifying specification of the expenses. Not receiving the monthly rent in time will be noticed. The home management company will assist you with recovery measurements if this might be the case.

Technical management.
The homem management company will take care of inspections with change of tenants. In consultation with you they will take care of technical malfunctions or coordination of renovation tasks. For these assignments the home management company works with renown people and maintenance companies.

Commercial management
At the end of a rental period your home will be inspected by CHA and the home management company. A punctual inspection in which we determine if your house was delivered in the right conditions. The inspection report that was drawn up at the initial check in will help us to determine the condition of the house. If the house is not delivered in the right conditions the management company will make sure that this will still happen and the tenant will need to pay for this. The house will then be ready to be inhabited again by a new tenant. Of course we will do our outmost to find this new tenant for you as soon as possible.

Check up house condition:
The home management company stores all the important dates of the rental agreement and gets in touch with the tenant before these dates have arrived. This to determine when the house will be available again for occupation again. This way we decrease the possibility of vacancy and we will have the maximum amount of time to find a new tenant for you.

Costs for home management

The professional home management company CHA works with charges a home management fee of 4% of the rent received by you. Excluding 21% VAT. This for both technical and financial home management.

To make use of home management we need an assignment in writing which can be obtained at City Housing Amsterdam.