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To get the most out of your property, the furniture of your home is of great importance. In collaboration with Home Inspiration we offer the following services:

1. Hire furniture

Via Home Inspirations you can rent a whole inventory as a landlord or tenant. Useful if you do not have time or money to buy it yourself. You can choose a style or make a package yourself. Each property is unique, so we make a customized proposition. For a 1 bedroom house you should think of a rent from 150 euro per month.

2. Buy furniture

It is also possible to buy your whole inventory from us. As each home is unique, we make a customized proposal. For a 1 bedroom home you should think of 5000 to 7000 euros.

3. Home staging for sales

Did you know that a styled property is more worth than a non-styled property? In addition, homes with furniture are also easier to sell. Do you have a home for sale and want to get the most out of it? Then request a free consultation with us.

4. Home staging for sales

In order to get the most out of your rental house, we give you advice about the furniture. This advice is a service and is free of charge.